Hi and Welcome to Unicorn HQ

This is where the magic happens!


I’m Sue McLachlan, an entrepreneur and lover of all things business!

These days I run The Unicorn Assistant, along with my freelance voiceover business (click that link if you need a lovely aussie voice on your phone system or video) and I also have a little passive income side hustle that doesn’t get quite as much love as it should, as the unicorn life keeps me pretty busy! 

I’ve always known I’d work for myself and my knack for business was apparent when I started my first business at just 9 years old. I’ve run dozens of businesses since and I’ve got over 20 years business experience behind me.

Do you have something you could talk about for hours (and hours) and never get bored of it?

Business is like that for me.

I love everything from those butterflies in the stomach inception moments - when you just KNOW you’re onto something good. To the thrill of OMFG someone I don’t know bought something!!! All the way through to the spectacular delight of hitting the crazy goal. And of course everything in between. 

My business passions are marketing and getting the systems and structure in place for you to succeed.

Not only did I have some incredible successes with my business, I also had a pretty spectacular failure as well in 2014.

Hindsight is a pretty amazing thing and whilst that failure sucked beyond belief, what I learned from that experience was life changing.

I look forward to sharing many of those things with you.

If you’re a successful but overwhelmed entrepreneur or small business owner just getting started, not only can I help you personally via some pretty awesome unicorn assistance but also here at Unicorn HQ - The Blog. 

What you can expect to read about on the blog

Business systems

Those unsexy, but oh so important foundations of running your business


Planning, strategy and all the ways to tell the world about your business


I’ll share how this expert procrastinator (that’s me) still manages to be surprisingly organised and productive and how you can do it too (it’s all a matter of systems!)

Automation hacks

Especially helpful tips for solopreneurs and lean start ups. It is amazing what you can automate now!


The number 1 goal of your business should be (even if you’re not doing it for the money) to be profitable. I’ll show you how to track and measure your progress and ensure your business is profitable


In order to grow your business, you need to grow your team, but in 2019 you can do it without the budget killer of office space and all those other expensive staffing on-costs.

Small Business News

When there is something exciting happening that could affect small business owners, I’ll share the details.

You can expect new posts a couple of times a week, so please follow me on socials or even better, sign up for Unicorn News below to have the news delivered straight to your inbox.


If there is something specific happening in your business you’d like advice on, please do get in touch. I may not be able to give you individual advice (unless you’re a unicorn client of course) but I can certainly look at writing a post about it.


Cheers, Sue x