An Online Business Manager is like a GP For Your Business

What do you do?

It is one of those questions that isn’t always simple to explain sometimes - especially when you are an Online Business Manager (OBM).

When I tell someone, it is usually met with a blank look, followed by “what does that mean?”

So I go through all the things I can do for a business (which is a rather extensive list) and eyes start to glaze over.

Then I explain an OBM is kind of like a cross between a business consultant and a virtual assistant on steroids and that starts to make things a little clearer.

It can be hard to understand what an Online Business Manager will actually do for your business - especially when it seems, they can do SO much. I’m a big fan of analogies, so this is a good one to explain it well..


An Online Business Manager works in a similar way to how a General Practitioner works as a doctor.

Someone who has a lot of experience and good broad knowledge about a lot of situations and how to deal with them.

Whilst a doctor who specialises in Cardiology - a Cardiologist - may be the best person for you to see if you’re concerned about your heart, as they do additional training and have extensive knowledge and experience with Cardiac care, the first point of call would be your General Practitioner.

You’d make an appointment and talk with your GP who would check everything out, make a diagnosis if they are sure what is going on, or perhaps arrange for you to have some tests, to confirm their findings.

Once those test results come back or they have a little more information, the GP can then decide if they are able to treat you. They could give you some suggestions on things you can do yourself to help you feel better, or they could be more proactively involved, prescribing you medication.

If what you need is a little beyond how they can best help in their role as a General Practitioner, they will likely refer you to a specialist.

But, the GP isn’t just going to send you off willy nilly into the world telling you to go and find a specialist. How would you know who to go to and where to find them? They have a large network and know exactly who the right specialist is for you.

How that works for business

If you think about it from a business perspective, perhaps you’ve got a problem that you are overwhelmed with all that needs to be done with marketing and you’re not sure where to start or how to even work out if what you’re doing is working.

You would then make an appointment with your Online Business Manager and they can assess the situation. They may need some further information, so could ask you for statistics on your last six months sales, website traffic figures, details of campaigns you’ve run and look at your social media accounts. Maybe even perform a couple of tests like a website audit and be a mystery shopper. Once they get all that information, they can make a diagnosis.

Perhaps the problem is that your traffic isn’t converting because you have weak calls to action on your website or the site doesn’t clearly explain what you do.

In that case the OBM could offer some solutions like helping you A/B test some aspects of your product/sales pages or see if there is an issue with the site you didn’t know about - not displaying well on mobile for example. Your OBM may help tweak the copy, see if things can be resolved on the website. Not just tell you what is wrong, but actively help fix the issues.

Or the situation may need some specialist advice. Perhaps your website copy is in desperate need of an overhaul or your images aren’t reflecting on your brand. Maybe your entire website needs an overhaul because the cheap WIX site or dodgy $20 wordpress template site your brother in law built you just doesn’t work very well. Your OBM can do triage in the interim, but will then refer you to someone for specialised help - a copywriter, visual brand specialist or web developer.

Do you need a GP for your business?

If you’ve got problems you need to sort out, or perhaps you’d like a general business checkup, get a unicorn to help you.