My Crazy 30 Day Course Building Challenge

Do you ever set crazy goals for yourself? Like WTF was I thinking type crazy goals?

I tend to be a bit of an overachiever (bit of an understatement!) so I set the bar high.

This April, I am setting it somewhere around the edge of the atmosphere!

I am going to make a spectacularly awesome online course, entirely from scratch in just 1 month!

✗  with no list

✗  on a brand new website

✗  with socials that are pretty much just my friends and family

✗  no sales page

✗  no lead magnet

✗ no email provider set up (multi-tasking and doing that as I write)

✗ no launch plan

✗  and I’ve never done this before!

I’m starting from absolute ground zero and I’ve got pretty much nothing to go on,,,

…except a whole lot of crazy arse determination, an amazing course outline and a cupboard full of coffee and tim tams!

No, this isn’t an April fool’s joke!

As a business advisor and strategist, I work with a lot of online businesses and one of the MOST popular income streams for a business in 2019 and no doubt beyond, is online courses.

I’ve enrolled in dozens of them myself over the last few years and found almost all of them worth every cent. It is honestly incredible how much you can learn online and how accessible knowledge is!

I’ve always found the the best way to learn how to do something is by the experience of doing it, so I out the best strategies, systems and marketing methods and then help other small business owners crush their course building in future.

Setting up and running online courses is gap in my knowledge as far as being an Online Business Manager and Business advisor goes.

I’ve run a product based company with wholesale, international distribution and eCommerce (my first eCommerce site was in 1999 - does anyone else remember Sausage Software’s Business In A Box (that came literally in the mail, in a box?)

I’ve run several service based businesses both online and offline.

But… not yet properly dipped my toes into the fascinating world of online courses.

I’ve been toying with the idea of creating an online course for over two years now (maybe even 3 years!) but have been all Goldilocks about it.

Every time I write up the outline, I sit on it for a while and think…

✗  nah, too boring

✗  blah - too short

✗  yawn… too long

✗  snore! too businessey  

Basically all the ideas I’d come up with just weren’t quite right. 

Oh yeah. And I was also stuck down by my dastardly perfectionism.

I even got to the point a couple of years ago of writing an entire course outline, with module plans, scripts and sexy PowerPoint presentations for each section.

But… when I did eventually start creating the course, those beautiful PowerPoints and crystal clear voiceover edited to be as perfect as a TV commercial, just sounded completely overscripted, pompus and waffly.

So I decided courses weren’t for me. 

But I kept getting FOMO, wishing I had gone through with it and was cranky with myself for not just doing it.

Just bloody do it!!!

Generally the best way I make things happen is by snap decisions and just doing it. That is what lead me to migrate to Australia in 1995. One day I was at work in my little town in NZ, three weeks later all my stuff was sold and I was driving over the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

I get bored easily and things that drag out and take a long time don’t inspire or motivate me.  

Quick moving, making this shit happen... that’s my jam.

I’m more of a short giant burst of energy type, than a sensible chug along with good sustained effort type. A sprinter if you will.. a firework 💥

So, with all that in mind, I decided I really should JUST DO IT!

I’ve past my fears of not being good enough or it being too late to launch a course, because every bastard is doing it.

Sure, there are a LOT of courses out there, but my course is so damn awesome, it would be a shame to keep it sitting on my laptop gathering virtual dust. 

That means I’m a girl on a mission! 

My mission is to get this freakin awesome course finished and ready for sale by the end of the month!

The {name to be decided} course will be available for sale on 1 May (get on the waitlist here😜)

That means I have just one month or 30 days exactly, to create a course that has over 100 videos 🤪 PLUS come up with a cool name for it, create a launch strategy, design a funnel, create ads, landing page, opt in, set a price, make a check out page, write email sequences and set them up, design graphics for all of it and then get the entire course set up on teachable!!


So what better way to make it actually happen, than make a public declaration that I’m doing it!

That way I won’t risk the shame of not making it happen. (Yes I am a glutton for punishment!)

How this is going to go down

I’m going to send out a quick daily progress update by email, so if you want to follow along, that would be grand and much appreciated 💖

I like to share the love, so not only will you laugh along at my fun antics, you’ll also get the exclusive opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this epic course and get a 50% discount for being a challenge supporter.


Wanna see what happens...

Will this crash and burn? Or will it be EPIC?

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    If you’ve ever wanted to create a course and like me, you’ve ummed and ahhed and ultimately not done anything, then please join me on the journey and let’s do it together!

    I’ll also do a weekly update post here on the blog with how I’m going.

    And this is a good way to get rid of the tumbleweeds from my social media accounts, so I’ll try do daily update there too - so if you can’t be bothered with email or checking in here at the blog, follow this crazy journey by FB, insty, pinterest or twitter.

    Literally Business 101

    The main premise for the course is that it is literally business 101. You’ll get 101 individual lessons in how to start a business - everything from from choosing a name, financials, business admin and must do’s, branding, website, selling your stuff, making that profitable, working from home, social media, advertising for small business, how to get external help and more! 

    The outline for each of the 101 steps is already done, so now I have to turn that into something engaging and exciting.

    Each lesson will be in video form - either a screen walkthrough, slides, or my smiling face.

    I’ll be aiming to keep them under 5 mins if possible

    a) to reduce the Sue waffling on factor and
    b) cos 5 minutes means 500 minutes of produced video which is HUGE!! 

    I will need to tame my perfectionism and remember that done is better than perfect, or I simply won’t get it out there in 30 days! 

    Current course name ideas are:

    • Take your business from Idea to YASSSSSS!  

    • Business 101 foundations

    • The great business checklist

    • The shit hot guide to starting a business

    All awful, so I’m going to need a bit of a brainstorm power session ASAP!

    Plan for today - Day 1

    1. Publish this declaration that I’m on a mission - tick!

    2. Create a project plan in Asana. I need to get all the steps down so I get a better visual of everything that needs to be done, see how the month stacks up and how I can make it all happen. If you want me to create a template from my Asana project so you can copy it, let me know.

    3. Set up convert kit so I can do the all important list building and create a basic welcome sequence (or at least a welcome email anyway). It is also perfect timing that convert kit are doing a 30 day landing page challenge 1-30 April and if you get more than 100 new subscribers from your landing page you could win $5000! S-weet!

    4. Plan what I’ll do tomorrow for Day 2

    There is a LOT to do!

    Not to mention I’m doing this alongside my main job (being a unicorn assistant) and my second main job (voiceover), so I suspect a few late nights will be in the works this month!

    My time management is usually pretty decent, but it is going to need to step up a notch. I’ll have to figure out how to send my A Grade procrastination skills packing for the next month 😝

    Lucky I love a good challenge 💥

    Sue x

    Just a heads up

    Posts on The Unicorn Assistant may contain affiliate links, but I’m a no bullshit affiliate kinda gal, as you can read about in my affiliate disclaimer.

    The few $$ I make from affiliate income, costs you absolutely nothing and goes straight to our family holiday fund
    ✈️ so my kids and I thank you 💗


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