Day 7 (&8) of the 30 Day Course Building Challenge. Complete Sleep Hacking Experiment!

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This update is for Day 7 AND Day 8 because of a failed sleep hacking experiment…

Just so you know what this is all about, I’ve decided to add daily updates to the blog, in case it’s helpful for someone else who is doing a sprint course creation mission! I’m writing up a detailed outline of what I’m doing and why.

If you’re reading this and not aware of the what the Epic 30 Day Course Building Challenge is all about, check this post here first.

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Wanna see what happens...

Will this crash and burn? Or will it be EPIC?

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    I was feeling awesome on Sunday! The buzz and excitement of doing this challenge has made me feel super inspired AND I got an extra hour sleep in thanks to daylight savings ending.


    On Sunday morning, I was a volunteer marshall at our local marathon. Super fun experience, but I was positioned in probably the sunniest place of the entire course. Six hours of standing in full sun and I didn’t take enough water with me or an umbrella.

    At the time I didn’t think much of it, as I was watching people RUN in that heat, which was pretty brutal.

    But come the afternoon, I was shattered! I think a little heat stroke perhaps, as I had a wee rest, which turned into an actual sleep and I lost most of my Sunday - which was supposed to be a BIG day of getting shit done.

    Concerned about how much time I’d lost to sleeping off my heat stroke, I decided to try sleep hacking to see if I could get some hours back.

    It is supposed to be like some miracle to get more hours in your day and tech bros everywhere swear by it (and their ability to be on FIRE with only a few hours sleep a day), so I thought hell yeah! That is what I need! Watch me go like some powerhouse thriving on three hours sleep a day!


    Not sure the people who rave about it being awesome, are 45 year old mums.

    The first 24 hour hours, I thought I had discovered a miracle! A little nap for an hour, then back into it and after the first groggy hour, I’d be on fire for the next 4 hours.

    Then last night, I went to have my “nap” but managed to sleep right through it! All the way until 7am this morning.

    It was a good solid 10 hours sleep I clearly needed, but hadn’t time budgeted for sleeping.

    So I might shelve the sleep hacking and leave it to the tech bros in Silicon Valley. This mama needs actual sleep, not hacked sleep!

    Progress made

    Competition is slowly getting entrants and subsequently my email list is slowly getting some names on it! Yeah baby! It didn’t get quite as much excitement as I thought. Perhaps people are jaded with giveaways like this? I thought it was a pretty awesome prize, but perhaps an iphone or ipad is more tangible?

    One thing about running it on Gleam that I am pretty happy about, is Gleam emails a confirmation to everyone that enters confirming their entry and also reminding them they can choose additional ways to enter. So far, almost everyone who entered, has come back to gain additional entries - which means extra social media and newsletter growth. YESSS!

    I got my welcome email sequence set up in Convert Kit for the giveaway entrants as well, glad I got that done!

    This seems to be the best performing pin so far:

    business coaching giveaway pin.png

    PS, if you’d like to enter, that would be awesome! 🎉

    Free Business Planning Course

    This is all now documented and outlined, ready to produce this week! I’m excited and nervous about that, as I’m actually doing it now!

    Almost all the modules from the free course are from the main course, which is AWESOME as I don’t have to create too much extra content.

    I went down a bit of a rabbit hole trying to work out teachable sales pages (I get really easily distracted when I am tired!) so have not yet actually made the “sales” page for the free course yet. I need to get out of my perfectionist head and just do it. Today!

    I did make a lovely landing page in convert kit which is a waiting list for the course. I’ll put it on my socials just in case anyone wants to pre-register, but not expecting that to make a huge impact. Good to practice playing with the landing pages though. I wish I knew some CSS to customise them more, as I like the templates, but would love to be able to change fonts etc, to make them more consistent with the rest of my site.

    One thing about creating these landing pages and forms, is how much time it takes to then create the flows and sequences that come off that! I know it is important, but just adds extra things. I think I’ll just whip up a landing page, then I realise I need to set up what happens after someone enters their details, then set up some emails to send to them, test it to make sure it works etc etc. A 10 minute job (creating the page) always seems to turn into at least an hour job.

    Course Outline Completed

    One other important thing I got knocked over is the course outline and figuring out how it is all going to work in terms of modules.

    I now have things organised into sections, to make it easy for my students to skip ahead to the parts they need - especially if their business is already established. And somehow, once I got everything organised and some parts consolidated, other parts added, I have exactly 101 lessons! Exactly what I wanted.

    In my research into what people are struggling with when starting an online business, interestingly, over 80% of people said marketing and finding customers was their biggest challenge.

    Which makes me feel even better about my course as well over 50% of it is about marketing. I have a section for marketing (in general), plus social media marketing and email marketing.

    I’m feeling really good that this is going to be a rock solid course that is going to make a big difference in the lives of people that take it. They’ll get be able to establish a strong foundation for their business which is so important. I find many of my clients who start a business, just do it and miss out some of the crucial steps which can make or break a business. The course is going to give this foundational information.


    I have also decided on the pricing. Just like anyone who is deciding on pricing, this is super challenging. I know that ultimately this will be a $1000 course, the information is amazing and it will be transformational. But, this is my first course, I KNOW I will improve upon it after this crazy month and my mission with the challenge is to get an MVP - minimum viable product. It is a little like a beta launch.

    That means I won’t be going fancy with my visuals, the videos will be taken on my phone or laptop and my 16 year old son is editing them all for me.

    I’m not creating a detailed 100 page workbook to go along with it (just some checklists etc where appropriate). It isn’t going to be super polished, more rustic.

    I know for myself that if I spend $1000+ on a course, I expect additional course materials, access to group mentoring (like through a FB or Slack group) etc and I’m unlikely to offer this right now. I intend to add that later.

    The price I settled on to start with is $349 (USD)

    It is still really good value and as I improve the course I can increase the price accordingly.

    For the launch, to get some intial traction, I’m going to do the following offers.

    During the launch period (May 1 to 9) the course will be priced at $249. And ONLY for the first day, I will discount it to $149.

    I’ve decided to do special pricing like this, rather than doing a “launch” then closing the course to enrollment. I was this to be evergreen and available all the time, so having those special prices for a limited time will encourage people to make a decision, to enrol now, rather than later (and they’ll then forget about it and move onto the next shiny thing).

    Day 6 numbers update

    16 Email Subscribers 🔼 5

    5 Landing Page Conversions no change

    94 Pinterest Followers 🔼 11

    71 Facebook fans no change 🔼 5

    41 Instagram followers 🔼 3

    16 Twitter 🔼8 (yay!)

    I might make these subscriber updates into some pretty graphs today - perfect way to procrastinate if I find myself in that mood 😂

    Expect another update tomorrow, I’ll be back to regualar programming with daily updates.

    Please comment below if you’ve got any questions, or just want to cheer me on 🎊 I appreciate your support!

    Til then, Sue x

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