Day 6 of the 30 Day Course Building Challenge. Complete New Strategy!

online course building challenge - day 6 biig change of strategy.png

OK, so its Day 6… which means I have 24 days left to create and launch my online course. Oh and I have only done about 2% of the actual course 😱

Just so you know what this is all about, I’ve decided to add daily updates to the blog, in case it’s helpful for someone else who is doing a sprint course creation mission! I’m writing up a detailed outline of what I’m doing and why.

If you’re reading this and not aware of the what the Epic 30 Day Course Building Challenge is all about, check this post here first.

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Wanna see what happens...

Will this crash and burn? Or will it be EPIC?

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    Day 6 was great, I got a heap done, however, I realised my super awesome marketing strategy was going to be difficult to pull off.

    I know webinars can work really well, but I was worried about how to learn all the tech, create it, do the pre and post webinar email series etc.

    And I’ve never done one before and there’s a big chance the first one might suck… and I don’t have time for things that suck right now. I can experiment with them later.

    Right now I need greatness!

    When I was started working out the steps to create my starting a business checklist opt in, I got a great idea!

    Free How To Create A Business Plan Course

    So I could create a webinar AND create an OK, but not super enticing lead magnet (checklist for starting a business) or…

    I could create a FREE COURSE!

    Even better, I can create it mostly from modules that I will be including in the Start Your Online Business Course I am creating anyway!

    I already have them outlined, can then use the same content in the paid course and it gives me a create lead magnet.

    It will also help give me a realistic timeframe for how long the actual course materials will take to prepare.

    Which I am probably underestimating right now…

    Most of the course will come from my knowledge and experience - the benefit of creating a course about something you know a lot about. So I figured I will create most modules with some basic slides (just 2-3 per unit, as there are 101 units) and me talking off the cuff about those points. I’m not going to waste time scripting every word (ie trying to make it perfect), as I can probably do a better job if I just talk about it anyway.

    So it seems like it won’t be too hard, but as I’ve already discovered, sometimes things that seem easy, actually have a heap of steps and can be pretty challenging.

    Doing a free course will also give me a chance to give teachable a good run through and make sure I’ve got everything sorted there, as I’ve never used that software before (except as a student). It looks straightforward, but I would much prefer if something was not set up properly, to discover that on a free course ,than a paid one.

    So for all the reasons above, I’m ditching my detailed and well thought out Pinterest marketing strategy from yesterday and replace it with this simpler and better one.

    So now I need to make it happen!

    What needs to be done


    First up, re-work the Pinterest strategy - not just because I discovered that $1 per day per pin is not realistic - it seems like a minimum of $2 per day? I tried one pin today (for the promo) to see how that goes and what is the best way to go - engagement or traffic.

    Pinterest advertising is a whole new world, so it is another thing I need to learn! I found a brilliant guide at Hootsuite on best practices, but I was tired and it hurt my head. I’ll need to revisit on a day when I’m feeling sharper.

    I went crazy on tailwind last night, as my head was foggy, so I scheduled posts til the 21st of April. That means I won’t get distracted going in there every day or so and just scheduling a couple of days in advance like I have been.

    I created a pin for the giveaway, so added that to my tribes and will add the others tonight. I find it takes 2-3 days (or sometimes longer) to start seeing the impact of pins from tailwind tribes as most people tend to schedule content in advance.

    Sales Page

    I’ll also need to create a sales page for the free course - this will be on teachable, so I can test out how good it is to build a sales page there compared to Squarespace.

    (This is why the free course idea is so perfect - I get to test all this stuff out!)

    Email sequence

    Then work out an email sequence - at least for the sign ups, I can create the post course sequence afterwards.

    I do need to put some time into creating these emails, as upselling to the paid course is the outcome I ultimately want. Luckily I reached the “email” section of the 10X Launches course today!

    I did the last of my research for the sales pages and email sequences today. In all the Copy School courses I’ve done so far, it seems research is the biggest part of the writing. But I think it is something you could do forever, so I had to cut it off.

    Since I don’t have an audience yet, I used their facebook group “mining” technique. I did post in some of the bigger groups asking questions, but I think due to most people being in the US and me being in Australia, the posts got buried and didn’t get many responses.

    Luckily - there is a handy search bar in every facebook group and I was able to find other posts with similar questions to what I was asking, with lots of responses, so I used those for most of my research.


    Creating the actual course content will need to be done ASAP! I can’t find my lapel mic and don’t really want to do it in the voiceover booth, because I was going to use loom to record the videos and the booth is a bit ugly (black eggcrate walls). Another one has been ordered and is on the way, so by the time it gets here, I need the slides for the modules made and everything ready to create (including any additional resources like checklists).


    The giveaway is looking a LOT better once I put my conversion copywriting magic want over it.

    I think I was just being lazy when I first set it up, as it takes time to create graphics and make it look great, but glad I did. I mean the graphic could be nicer - I’m not a designer, but this was me and Canva at 11.30pm last night. As you can see, it is a big improvement at least.

    WAY easier to read, looks much nicer and got rid of the fluff.

    original competition entry landing page.png
    new business coaching giveaway competition landing page.png

    This was on the landing page on my site, so that is better as well (it was on Gleam’s hosted landing page before), as it gives people the chance to hang around and hopefully sign up for the free course when that launches (I’ll make a pop up for that).

    Still very low entry numbers, so I also changed my Facebook page cover page to encourage entries and scheduled a few social media posts. I’ll also update the link in my social bios (twitter, pinterest and instagram) to point to the giveaway.

    If you’d like to enter, that would be awesome!

    I still need to

    • add a link to the competition to all past blog posts (and put a reminder in Asana to take them off again after the competition is finished)

    • write/create the welcome email / nurture series in Convert Kit

    • figure out how to stop the Gleam confirmation emails that go to customers from being super ugly and using a gross green font. Not yet worked out how to fix that - though it probably isn’t really worth spending time on - my perfectionism rearing it’s ugly head! If I don’t have that done by the end of the day - I’ll take this off the list.

    Day 6 numbers update

    11 Email Subscribers no change (shit!)

    5 Landing Page Conversions no change (double shit!)

    83 Pinterest Followers 🔼 5

    66 Facebook fans no change 🔼 5

    38 Instagram followers 🔽1 (boo!)

    8 Twitter 🔼7 (yay!)

    1 Coffees ☕ 🔽1 (I am making tumeric lattes my friend.. look at me getting all hipster!)

    That’s it for Day 6! Tomorrow will be awesome, with progress to be made I hope! Check in again tomorrow, with some detailed updates!

    Please comment below if you’ve got any questions, or just want to cheer me on 🎊 I appreciate your support!

    Til then, Sue x

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