The 30 Day Course Building Challenge. Day 4 Update. Lead Magnets

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OK, a Day 4 update (even though it is already Day 5 now! was too tired to write this up last night).

I’ve decided to add these daily updates to the blog, in case it’s helpful for someone else who is doing a sprint course creation mission! If you’re reading this and not aware of the what the Epic 30 Day Course Building Challenge is all about, check this post here first.

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    Yesterday was a bit of a crazy day (again). I’m doing this as a side hustle. My regular freelance voiceover work and unicorn business strategy clients keep me very busy.

    I knew it was going to be a full on month going into this, so I was prepared, but I will need to get more sleep or it isn’t going to work!

    I wasn’t as productive as I could have been yesterday and felt a bit brain foggy. I can still work when I’m like that, but SOOOOOO easily distracted. Shiny things are my nemesis!

    Weirdly I got a full swing of energy and enthusiasm around 8pm (and kept going til 1am), which is usually when I’m winding down, as I’m a pre 5am waker. So that was helpful. Might have been the many coffees 😛

    Word to the wise, if you want to do the same thing - build an entire online course from scratch when you have zero audience AND do all the marketing to sell it, in 30 days, either be prepared to give up sleep (and maybe sanity) for a month, or perhaps do it full time so you don’t have other things to worry about as well.

    Day 4 was stuff that again didn’t feel super productive - even though it is necessary groundwork. I also hit a few roadblocks and now hate facebook even more than before.

    Not feeling the love for Facebook

    I spent a LOT of my life on facebook with my old company and it totally burnt me out, so I tend to avoid it now.. That was back in the good old days where organic reach was almost like printing money! I could post a promo on our facebook page and 10 minutes later there would be hundreds of people on the website. Now you’d be lucky to get a handful unless you’re paying to promote the post. They’ve got you by the balls 😉

    So I’ve been a bit slack with connecting this website with facebook, setting up a pixel and ads manager and all that jazz. I rarely use Facebook, don’t have the app on my phone or use messenger or anything like that, so I was almost going to forgo any form of facebook advertising for this launch just because I dislike FB so much.

    But, I knew that could bite me later if I need to drive extra traffic and/or do some retargetting, so I thought it would be prudent to get all that set up, so I’m not stressing later in the month. Good foresight.

    Figured it would be a 10 minute job…

    NO! It was a two freakin hour job. Facebook ads manager would have to be the most unintuitive, shitty platform EVER!!

    Surely with all facebook’s gazillions they could spend a bit on snazzing that up and making it more user friendly?!?! It reminds me of how people say Wordpress is “really easy to use”… Which it might be after you’ve used it for 40 hours and understand where to find everything and how the hell it all works! Then it is “easy” In the beginning? Urgghhh

    I suspect I will be calling on my friend Sarah who is a complete Facebook guru and legend for help if I decide to runs some ads. She is the queen of facebook! If only she sold her skills…

    Anyway.. I also spent a bit of time on FB groups doing something called comment mining. In the copyhackers course, they suggest the bulk of your copywriting time, should actually be spent researching and getting to know your audience. This enables you to use the exact words your potential customers use themselves when writing your copy, so it resonates with them and is really powerful.

    I probably spent way too long doing this, cos it was fascinating (and awesome). I noticed a few key words coming up constantly, so that is going to be incredibly helpful. And it was validating that I’m on the right path with the information in the course.

    I’ve got it all saved in a google doc, ready for the actual copywriting part of this mission!

    AND I discovered THE COOLEST google docs trick!

    Did you know that if you enter, into a chrome browser window, it will automatically bring you up a new google doc! How cool is that? Same if you want a new sheet ( etc. Thanks Google!

    The Lead Magnet Dilema

    So my other big mission for the day, was creating my main lead magnet. Which I haven’t quite finshed yet, but due to my foggy brain, I got all distracted and somehow came up with 4 separate ideas. I am tempted to do them all (did someone say masochist) because I am a little worried about the list being so tiny. That plan is fraught with danger, so I pared that down to two definate options and two maybe options.

    Option 1 - straight out bribe

    From my past experience, the best way to get lots of people on your list and liking your pages, is to run a giveaway. It is no-where near as easy to do as it was in the past. I remember running rafflecopter promotions and getting a thousand new FB followers in a week. New rules around incentives mean you can’t be quite so blatant with contest entries (ie make it a condition of entry) now it’s more about enticing.

    So I’ll be giving away a one month Online Business Management package worth $1595. Which I’ve gotta say is a pretty freakin awesome prize and will be massively helpful for a new business starting out, or a business that is growing. My target market for the course is small businesses starting out (or about to start) and for my Online Business Management work is businesses that are growing. So I think it is a great offer. Not going down the win an ipad option, that would encourage spam entries I think.

    That then lead me to the competition set up.

    Last year I was super blessed to win an AMAZING sweepstake prize package of launch software from Tom Morkes and some of the software tools I won, will be so incredibly helpful for this mission.

    One of the prizes was a year’s access to an app called Referral Hero (was called Maitre). So I went to Maitre to set up my competition, only to find one small hurdle.

    Given that I am in Australia, we can’t run giveaway promotions without a permit. I don’t mind getting the permit as it isn’t too expensive ($80 in NSW where I am), it just takes 28 days to come through and I want to start the promo ASAP - like in the next few days. So that means I need to run it as a game of skill, not a game of chance. Ie tell me why you should win in 25 words or less and myself and a panel of judges will choose the most skillful/creative entry as the winner.

    And referral hero can’t support that. Might be awesome for giveaways elsewhere, but here in Australia, them rules are STRICT and I don’t want to get into trouble.

    So I decided to use, probably because they specifically show you how to run and operate competitions that meet Australian regulations.

    To get that set up, I needed to go through a few steps:

    • sign up to Gleam (I chose the $49 pricing plan)

    • write the copy for the giveaway

    • decide on how people can enter

    • write the competition terms and conditions and add them to a page to my website so Gleam can link to those

    • create some graphics in Canva to make it look prettier

      And things I still need to do

    • create a landing page on my website to host the competition

    • change the announcement bar to direct people to the competition

    • add a link to the competition to all past blog posts (and put a reminder in Asana to take them off again after the competition is finished)

    • create some more graphics in canva to use for social media promotion (good idea to schedule some posts to promote the competition and encourage entries)

    • create a new segment in Convert Kit so I can then send out a welcome email and nurture series

    • oh and then write/create the welcome email / nurture series in Convert Kit

    Yes, that is a LOT still needed to do!

    Option 2 Pinterest Checklist Promoted Post Strategy

    Oh and my second lead magnet is part of my pinterest promoted posts strategy - and is an evergreen funnel strategy, so will have long term value.

    I’ll put all the info about that in the Day 5 update, as that is what I am working on today (as well as all the “still to do” things above.)

    Oh yeah and working my day job! 😬

    Oh and also attending my son’s exhibition of work at his high school today (he is doing a Ted style talk in the auditorium!) 🎉 A very proud mum today 💗

    Yep, a LOT to do!

    Day 4 numbers update

    11 Email Subscribers 🔼1

    5 Landing Page Conversions 🔼1

    69 Pinterest Followers 🔼 6

    56 Facebook fans no change 🔼 6

    40 Instagram followers 🔼1

    2 Twitter no change

    5 Coffees ☕ 🔼1

    It was another 16 hour work day yesterday and likely to be the same again today (Day 5). Thankfully the weekend is coming up, so I can put in some big hours JUST for this and make some big progress with it all.

    I’ll check in again tomorrow, with some detailed updates!

    Please comment below if you’ve got any questions, or just want to cheer me on 🎊 I appreciate your support!

    Til then, Sue x

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