30 Day Course Building Challenge - Day 14 FINALLY, a lead magnet!

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Day 14, things are FINALLY happening

Not quite as fast as I would have liked, but seeing progress is good!!

Just so you know what this is all about, I’ve decided to add daily updates to the blog, in case it’s helpful for someone else who is doing a sprint course creation mission! I’m writing up a detailed outline of what I’m doing and why.

If you’re reading this and not aware of the what the Epic 30 Day Course Building Challenge is all about, check this post here first.

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Wanna see what happens...

Will this crash and burn? Or will it be EPIC?

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    Curse of the Lead Magnet

    I have FINALLY finished the checklist lead magnet. Yay!!! This seemed like so much effort than I ever realised. Almost a week ago now, I thought it would be this quick thing I could just whip up in an hour to help me get a few more subscribers.

    Now I know I’m not quick at things like this (soooooo should have outsourced!), but man there are so many more layers to it than just making the printable itself.

    It seemed every step led to 4 more steps, instead of the finish line.

    Once it was completed, I had to make a pretty graphic to make it look attractive on the website.

    Then I had to add it into the footer on my site, which took a bit of faffing around, as the colours of the footer just didn’t go well with it. (check it out at the bottom of this post)

    Then I had to create a form on convert kit for the addresses and faff about with that for a bit to make it play nicely on the site.

    Then I had to set up the delivery of the download in the convert kit form, which involved customising an obscure email form (that is SUPER hard to customise, as it only shows you one line of text at a time which is weird). THANK GOD for bloggers who put posts up telling you how to make these things work! I wish it was more intuitive/easy in the software - that might have saved me an hour or more of faffing!

    Then I made a landing page for it. Firstly I tried using a convert kit landing page, but none of them looked that nice with the checklist image I created and you can’t really customise them or change fonts or anything, so I ended up using a squarespace landing page, which I must admit looks pretty fine (check it out hint hint 😉)

    Only problem is, convert kit doesn’t natively link to squarespace landing pages, as you have to insert code, which can’t be done on landing pages.

    So, I have to do a workaround - via a google spreadsheet, then to zapier, then to convert kit, where I had to create another form and another weird confirmation email that you can’t properly see…. 😵

    I had a few emails sign up immediately - which was weird, as I did have traffic on my page - even had one sign up on the “fake” convert kit form that I used for the squarespace landing page. That one doesn’t technically exist on the internet, so no-one could have clicked on it or registered. I suspect they are bots, so my initial excitment that 6 people signed up in the first hour, was quickly deflated and I made sure the two step confirmation was set up properly. After that, no more subscribers (yet!)

    Anyway, that was another “quick” job that took hours. Seems to be a very common situation in this great build an audience course building challenge!

    Oh, and then after all that was done I had to make pins for pinterest, to hopefully drive some traffic to my beautiful landing page. I made three different pins, which are already going out from the tailwind tribes I put them in (sweet!). I’ve noticed if pins get picked up quickly in the tailwind tribes, it is a good sign they’ll get re-pinned and get more pinterest views accordingly. These are my three pins. I’ll probably create a couple more and can then use the same pins for the free course when that is out (tomorrow all going to plan!!!!)


    The course is getting made!

    It was also a big day of recording my videos for the course, which was exciting! It feels like I’m finally getting somewhere and I spent a few hours recording videos.

    However, it didn’t work quite to plan.

    Firstly I decided not to talk to camera and just use slides and my voice. I figured it would be easier to edit if I make mistakes.

    But, I made a rookie error and didn’t check the sound quality properly. I thought the sound through the computer microphone sounded really similar to my headphobe microphone and decided to go no headphones.

    The sound quality was awful!! 

    Now I know I’m probably more fussy than most about sound, as I live and breathe it every day, but this was pretty ordinary.

    I got all depressed for an hour as the thought of doing it all again felt totally shit. Especially as it was much harder than I was expecting. Even though I talk all day, I got a bit nervous - it feels weird talking to a computer screen…

    Anyway, after my mope, I remembered/drilled into my head, my old motto of done is better than perfect and figured there was no point (at this stage) trying to make it perfect - especially as this is for the free course and then got stuck into making the videos.

    And that turned into a bigger job than I thought too! (Sensing a pattern here?)

    Because I didn’t use the screen capture I originally recorded, as the text was ugly and unformatted, I stripped the audio out and edited those - that took about an hour. But we needed to make a video to go with the audio files. And that needed a video template

    Originally I thought it would be easiest to make the videos in powtoon, but then my son who has “volunteered” to help (well for transparency I’m kinda bribing him to help with the promise of a holiday when this is done #childlabour) decided it would be easier editing them in premiere pro... (which seems harder to me but he is the one doing it..)

    End result is, something that looks pretty awesome, he is doing an amazing job and made The Google his friend to find all sorts of cool things to make the template look spesh.

    But downside is that they still arent’t made yet while all this back and forthing and program changing was going on!

    Gah! I really want to get the free course up ASAP so I can move onto the main course. Especially now I have a heap of people waiting for it!

    So it will be a stay up until it’s done deal tonight - might even see the sunrise 😂😂

    I did manage to get the sales page made in teachable, which was fairly easy. Not quite as easy as my beloved squarespace, but good enough that I think I’ll make the main course sales page in teachable instead of faffing about with the squarepace sales page > shopping cart page > zapier integration > teachable > convert kit craziness that I’d have to set up in order to make it work. Some basic HTML might be able to fix up some of the things I’m not happy with - just something else to learn 😂

    Once this launch is out of the way, I can look at all of that and optimising and making the page the best it can be for conversion etc etc. For now, I just have to GET THIS DONE!

    And once I get all the videos made and the free course loaded up, I then have to write the nurture sequence for when people sign up to it it AND the nurture sequence for the free checklist… Holy moly!!

    Move over tumeric lattes, you’re going to be replaced with big fat coffees!

    I can’t wait to see how many words I write this month in my grammarly report - I think I’m going to break all records!!

    Day 14 numbers update

    87 Email Subscribers 🔼 10 (I suspect some are bots)

    5 Landing Page Conversions no change - a bit sad, but signing up for daily email updates to my challenge clearly isn’t that enticing…

    107 Pinterest Followers 🔼 1

    77 Facebook fans no change 🔼 4

    51 Instagram followers 🔼 6

    22 Twitter peeps 🔼3

    I’m making progress… it’s just sloooooooow progress and I’m impatient! 😬

    Please comment below if you’ve got any questions, or just want to cheer me on 🎊 I appreciate your support!

    Til then, Sue x

    Just a heads up

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