My two main super powers in life are problem solving - which has come in very handy over 20 years of business management - and researching anything and everything. Take advantage of my exceptional skills in these areas.



Everything from competitor research, looking for new software options, market trends, figuring out ways to make something happen, or even where to buy flowers in tibet… I’m a bit of a google savant. Give me a few hours and a search bar and I’ll become an instant expert on pretty much anything. One of the amazing Unicorn team members is spectacular at tracking down information PI style, so requests that may be a little out of the box are welcome.



My motto is: there is always a way. You just need to find it. No matter what has happened, what you want to achieve or how big the f-up, I’m your girl when it comes to working out creative solutions. I handle your crisis management so you can breathe again. I do draw the line at taking one for the team to get your container of Evian out of customs in the Bahamas, if you know what I mean!