Online Team Management

Many businesses these days rely on virtual teams, which can be a godsend! Lower staff and office costs, flexibility and adaptability make virtual staff the smart choice. However, virtual staff still need to be managed, sometimes moreso than staff that work next to you. I can help source, onboard and induct them or even manage your virtual staff and freelancers, whether for ongoing needs or projects.


Virtual Assistants

While I am the ultimate virtual assistant (#humblebrag), it could be more cost effective for you to get a General Virtual Assistant (GVA) for some tasks. My main goal is to help you business run more effectively (and profitably) so if that is the case, I will tell you. If you need me to find a new team member for that, I can source and manage them.


Freelancers and contractors

I’ve been freelancing for over 4 years now, so have an expansive network of freelancers in many fields to call on, when specialist and expert help is required. I can also help find additional freelancers to bring on when needed for special projects. As I’ve been using the main freelance platforms myself as a freelancer, I know them inside out and what freelancers respond to in job postings, so you can get a great person on board you can trust.



For any business or company to run smoothly, the team need to know and understand all aspects of how the company runs - particularly in the area they are responsible for. I can help you create these standard operating proceedures (SOP’s) or refine the ones you have.

This service is included free as part of the Executive and Business monthly packages or can be done as a stand alone project.



To scale any business, you need systems in place to ensure everything runs smoothly, especially when working with a remote team. I can help you streamline existing systems across all areas of your business or set things up from scratch, including optimising and automation.