Content marketing is an important part of the marketing mix for many businesses and there is no doubt it is a powerful tool. However it can get very overwhelming and take a lot of your valuable time. Whether you need assistance with creating, designing, editing, managing or publishing your content, I can help.


Editorial Calendar

Almost as important as the content itself, is managing the creation and promotion of the content. An editorial calendar lets you see several months in advance what needs to be done and who is going to do it - everything from ideas, through to production, publishing and promoting. This makes planning easier and ensure publishing deadlines aren’t missed.


youtube and video content

A youtube channel is a really valuable way to expand the reach of your content - especially to re-purpose content you may be creating for other outlets. If you’re aiming for a younger demographic, it is crucial to be on Youtube - with 96% of 18-24 year old intenet users in the USA using the platform. I can assist with creation of simple videos, and co-ordinate with other experts if you need something more cinematic. Optimising your channel, posting videos, adding thumbnails, ensuring an SEO rich video description are more services I offer


Social Media Content

Posts on busy social channels need to attract attention with a great image (or video) with a compelling caption. I can create content for your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter channels. I don’t manage social media these days - working as a Social Media Manager for more than 10 years has left me a little burnt out on SM, however I still love the content creation side of things and offer excellent social media strategy advise. I’ve got a great member of The Unicorn Assistant team who can help with social media management if you need that.



If you have a course or want to create a course on Teachable or Thinkific, I can help set up and manage that for you, I have used Kajabi in the past, but not since the latest update.. I am not able to write the content of your course for you, but can source writers if you need that. I am able to offer narration services for courses and help with video creation.



It is always a good idea to have a second set of eyes look over important documents and marketing materials before they are sent out. I can suggest improvements to copy as well if needed, I also have a few writers and professional copy editors in my network.



I am most familiar with Convert Kit for managing and growing your email list, but have used many other systems over many years of email marketing. I can help with auto-responder sequence set up, list segmentation, newsletters and more. I have also used Mailchimp and Get Response and currently trialing the new Squarespace built in email service.



If you need a video produced for your business I can project manage for you. Everything from either quick animated videos I can produce to co-ordinating relevant professionals for high end commercial shoots. And if you need a voiceover for your video, I can do that too (as I am a professional voiceover artist as well!) You may think my skills have no end…



I’ll help you with everything from setting up and managing your membership platform, setting up an online course from scratch, including choosing the best platform, setting up the lessons, email auto-responders and onboarding the students. I’ve used both Teachable and Thinkific in the past and am familiar with Kajabi



Whist I am familiar with WordPress and can post/create blogs on WP, these days Squarespace is my platform of choice - even for blogs. I’ve used Squarespace for over 4 years now and I love the simplicity of use (especially compared to WordPress) It is very straightforward to make blogs look gorgeous. Medium is also a great option for publishing content. I don’t offer a writing service, but I can take a blog post you’ve written (or one that I’ve arranged from a freelance writer), ensure it is SEO optimised with the relevant keyword(s), source relevant images, create a cover image, post with relevant tags and create a promotional schedule for each post. I’ve been blogging for more than 10 years and have created a number of personal blogs in that time.



If you want to publish and ebook either on your website as a lead magnet or on kindle, I can help. Whether you need help with writing, formatting, editing or publishing on Amazon Kindle Direct. Use those hundreds of blog posts you’ve written and polish them up into a book that can make money for you every day. Also, if you need an audiobook created, I’m your girl - not only am I a voiceover artist, I can assist with getting it published on audible.