Business Consulting Support

One of the biggest advantages of hiring an Online Business Manager (OBM) - especially when that OBM is me, is having someone on your team to help with the big decisions you’ve been having to deal with on your own up until now. From getting ideas on how to work around roadblocks, to working out the strategy for your next big launch, to help with day to day operational decisions, you get to use my wealth of knowledge and experience.

This is especially valuable as I’ll know and understand your business intimately, so you won’t need to take extra time to bring me up to speed like you need to do with external consultants.



Take advantage of my past business experience - not just in my own businesses, but also working as a business consultant/coach, I offer a very valuable sounding board for you. Do you need help coming up with or refining an idea, creating customer avatars, the pros and cons or even the path to make it happen? You can pick my brains about anything!



One of the big advantages of hiring me as your Online Business Manager is you also get access to my knowledge gained from 20 years of running businesses. Whether you need someone as a sounding board for ideas, to help conceive new ways of doing things or perhaps a big change in your business. I can do a full analysis of the market and your business and suggest ways you can leap ahead.



I’ll keep you organised and focused, looking at your tasks and priorities, what you can offload and what is important for you to work on right now - and I’ll keep you accountable. It’s amazing what you can achieve with a little external follow up!



An important part of marketing is ensuring you have good ROI and you have a planned strategy and ability to see the results of what you’re doing. I’m able to assist with creating and managing marketing plans, sales plans and setting KPI’s and budgets.