Ready to see your business take off?

Is stress and overwhelm keeping you up at night?

If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, and you feel like you’re splashing around in the deep end trying to figure out all the things you don’t know that you don’t know,

It’s time to relax, you’re in the right place.

I’m about to become your business bestie, your right hand gal, the one you can turn to when you need help, reassurance or guidance for what to do next.

The great thing about working with an Online Business Manager like myself, is that you don’t have the cost of hiring 4 or 5 specialists, you can hire one exceptional unicorn to do it all.

You might need (or want) a brand strategist, web designer, copywriter, social media marketer, funnel designer, business consultant and outsourced team manager to explode your business into the stratosphere.


Your small business might not be quite at the level to afford that just yet.

So, you could invest tens of thousands of dollars into different specialists and then spend your time managing them all, or you can go down the much simpler and cost effective path of hiring 1 generalist (that’s me!).

As a generalist, with 20 years business experience behind me, I know about a LOT of things, which means you’ll save a lot of money by having me on your team. No need to waste your time (and money) briefing 4 or more different people on what you need and keeping track of where everyone is at. Just talk to me and I make it all happen for you.

You are going to feel the weight being taken off your shoulders almost instantly

I take the time to understand the heart of what you do (and why), I want to deeply understand your passion and vision, so I can best guide your business to the magnificent place where it deserves to be.

Get ready to watch your comprehensive business plan unfurl before you, like an architect rolls out the detailed plan for the house you sketched on paper. Feel confidence in your business abilities, with someone by your side to bounce off your ideas + keep you on track.

You’re going to love working with me if… 

✔️You have a million and one ideas about how to grow your business, but not sure exactly where to start

🔥 You want to give your Squarespace website a bit of sparkle or maybe build a whole new site

😪You want a day, or weekend - hell maybe even a WHOLE week off! But don’t have anyone to keep things going

You never seem to have enough time in the day to make things happen or you’re always putting out fires

🤑 You want your business to make more sweet sweet cash

🚀 You’ve got a product, service or business to launch and you want to make it awesome

🤯You’re feeling the pressure of running things on your own and the idea of someone having your back sounds like bliss

😰The thought of keeping up with social media and all the different pages and options and ALL THE THINGS scares you

😵 you sick of feeling overwhelmed and not getting the results you know you should?

💩 Do you just want to actually MAKE SHIT HAPPEN?

Sweet! Lets get this show on the road!

get me on tap!


Best for making a BIG impact on your business

You’ve worked your butt off to grow your business, but now you realise you need help and need it stat! You don’t have time to faff around with training a virtual assistant or freelancer in another country who might take months to get up to speed with what you’re doing.

You want someone who understands all the things you don’t, Someone who has solid business experience behind them, to help you create a solid plan for how to move forward AND actually do the work to make that happen!

It’s time to see your business thrive

If you need help immediately - perhaps a crisis management situation, or an imminent launch, my day rate will suit you best. I can usually accommodate you within a few days to a week, so you get instant action.


Day Rate

1 full day OR
8 hours over 2 half days

Available in your office in Newcastle NSW

Virtual assistance in other locations

$750 per day


Monthly retainers are perfect when you need extended or ongoing help with anything and everything from business strategy, helping managing your external team, social media and marketing assistance, growing your wholesale business, full launch planning including setting up sales funnels and email campaigns and more. Check this comprehensive list of ways I can help you..

The main thing is, you get me on tap for whatever help you need. Just choose your option for how much help below. I can usually start within a few weeks, depending on my availability.



20 hours online business management

Additional hours $80 per hour


✓ Two 45 minute strategy calls per month

$1595 per month


40 hours online business management

Additional hours $70 per hour


✓ Weekly 30 minute strategy call

✓ Email support during Sydney business hours (4 hour response time)

$2795 per month


60 hours online business management

Additional hours $60 per hour


✓ Weekly 30 minute strategy call and monthly check in/planning session

✓ Email and phone support during Sydney business hours (or prearranged hours for clients outside Australia)

$3895 per month

All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD).


These exclusive retainer packages are only available to a very limited number of people each month.

It is important to make sure we are a great fit as I’ll be your right hand gal.

No doubt you have a few questions about how it works as well, so please book time for us to have a no obligation chat about your business and what you need.


How this all works in 5 easy steps

Book in your no obligation chat here, choosing a time that suits you best.


Complete the questionnaire so I can learn a little more about you and your business and maximise our time together during the call


I’ll call you at the appointment time. You ask me any questions you like about your business and how Online Business Management will work for you, During the call we’ll both decide if we’ll become business besties or part ways with no hard feelings.



I’ll send you my recommendations and options for going forward so you can choose which suits your business best, then I’ll send your contract and we can get started,


You can feel the sweet relief of hearing the words “let me take care of that for you” and get a solid roadmap and structure for moving forward and an on tap business therapist if you need to pick my brain or get advice about anything. Everything I do is tailored exclusively for your business - no cookie cutter systems here.


One flat rate

Contracting me as your online business manager, means just one flat rate.

No overheads of recruitment costs, setting up a desk or office space, no workers compensation or superannuation, no need to worry about providing me with a computer, phone, software or anything else.

I’m contracted to manage your projects just for the time you need and I work virtually from my own office.

You can be anywhere in the world, as we communicate via phone, email, skype, zoom, slack, google docs, dropbox etc - however you prefer.

Being based in Newcastle, Australia, I generally work during Sydney business hours, but I can be flexible if you’re in a different time zone

Choose the package that suits your needs best, or if you’re not sure, lets have a chat so I can find out what your goals are and suggest the best option for you.

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an online business manager will change your business